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Misty Goodgame

Licensee Salesperson

“What excites me is what selling your home means for YOU, it means you have a new dream, that you're off on a new adventure & that is where my energy & enthusiasm comes from! 

It comes from knowing that I'm supporting you in that exciting, life changing process, & I'll be using that enthusiasm when engaging with buyers, vendors & the entire marketing process"

Misty Goodgame has grown up watching her parents renovate and add value to properties, playing the real-life Monopoly game, and then at 10 her parents became the first agents in Beach Haven at the time. Now her brother and sister in law are also agents and it’s truly become the family profession. Having worked with her mother Carrie Goodgame selling homes and helping buyers find their dream listing, next reno or investment property 16 years ago, Misty is back as a salesperson once again more determined than ever to make a name for herself as a professional, reliable and fun agent to work with and most of all as someone who does the job well!

Should you list with Misty you can expect efficient and honest communication with a smile, excellent listening and communication skills, attention to detail, 100% effort at chasing up potential buyers, and a welcoming attitude to all interests shown. 

Misty was once told by a top agent "most agents will offer you the same approach to marketing covering all of the same bases when it comes to where your property is advertised, in the end reaching the same amount of buyers" so most important of all is to choose an agent who you are most comfortable working with and will make the process as fun, professional and smooth as possible. 

Feel free to reach out for an appraisal or a meet up to see if Misty is the right agent for you.

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