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Keitha McLaren

Licensee Salesperson

Keitha McLaren has spent her life cultivating relationships. Building contacts and creating connections has been at the forefront of everything she’s done - which is why a professional side step into real estate was a no-brainer for this multi-faceted businesswoman.

Keitha began her working life as a chartered accountant both in New Zealand and the UK, throwing herself headfirst into the high pressure world of merchant banking.

But soon she found a real passion for property, renovating and selling a number of houses across Auckland. It was this passion that ultimately led her to set up a successful home staging business.

It’s this invaluable experience that gives Keitha her edge. Her understanding of what’s required to turn a home from good to great is unparalleled. She’s perfectly placed to offer advice on how to spruce up a space in preparation for marketing a property.

As well as working tirelessly as a salesperson, Keitha and her husband have three wonderful children.  Keitha enjoyed being an active contributor to their various Auckland schools and forged valuable relationships within those commiunities. 

With her strong connections and the genuine joy she gets from working in real estate, make her the perfect addition to The Collective - Auckland’s answer to the ever-changing property landscape. This is not your average real estate team. This is a carefully cultivated collection of professionals, each with their own expert area, working together to make sure every step in the process is perfectly managed when selling your home. The Collective also offers unprecedented value for money - multiple heads working together as one. 

Keitha is the person you want along-side you every step of the way when buying or selling a home. She knows property. She knows business. She knows people. What more could you want?

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