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Dallas Suifua

Licensee Salesperson

Dallas Suifua has built her career as a trusted advisor and natural negotiator and her ability to communicate openly and honestly with her clients is the key to her success.

Dallas has experience working in the legal and insurance sectors, specialising in residential insurance cover, deceased estates, trust assets, enduring power of attorney managed properties, and working with beneficiaries.

The skills instilled in her while working in these industries give her the unique advantage of understanding the wants and needs of a variety of clients, and an innate ability to resolve complex issues.

Her integrity and confidentiality in everything she does, coupled with her ability to make every transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible for her clients, make her the perfect “go-to” real estate agent for solicitors, trustee corporations and executors of deceased estates.

She understands the emotional turmoil and stress families face when a loved one passes away, especially when a house is part of their estate.

Your loved one’s home might require remedial work before listing on the market and she also understands that many estate owners might not have cash available to contribute to the sale.

“We can take care of this for them,” Dallas says. “Beneficiaries already have enough on their plate, so this gives them one less thing to worry about.”

She’s well-versed in working with families with different challenges and is sympathetic to the fact some family members will not see eye to eye. 

Earning a reputation for her tireless work ethic and unmatchable skills in client advocacy, Dallas values the trust her clients place in her and strives to exceed their expectations.

Dallas is open to all real estate opportunities, and her legal acumen combined with her charismatic personality make her an unstoppable force when selling your home.