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Anna Bloomfield

Licensee Salesperson

If you’ve ever tried to keep a houseplant alive, you’ll understand the struggle it can be. This is what makes ANNA BLOOMFIELD so impressive - she’s a Mum to 12 thriving plants.

If there’s a better metaphor to explain how nurturing and dedicated Anna is, in every aspect of her life, we’d like to hear it. Anna prides herself on putting her real estate clients first, treating every interaction with care and respect.  In turn, clients know they’re getting someone who has the dogged determination to get the job done.

After a varied career - with the likes of Contiki tour guide, department store salesperson, and digital marketing consultant filling her resume - Anna is now throwing everything she has into the property game. But that background, with her impeccable communication skills and strong marketing portfolio, means she succeeds where others may fall short.

All this makes Anna the perfect addition to The Collective - Auckland’s answer to the ever-changing property landscape. This is not your average real estate team. This is a carefully cultivated collection of professionals, each with their own expert area, working together to make sure every step in the process is perfectly managed when selling your home. The Collective also offers unprecedented value for money - multiple heads working together as one.

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